What we do

Custom development

Have an idea for a web app? Make it real! We have experience delivering quality results in a world of shifting requirements and tight schedules.


Want to start developing web applications using python? We offer Python, Zope ,Pyramid and Django consulting services both on-site and off-site. We are very experienced developing web based solutions using Agile methodologies and would be glad to share our expertise with your team or use it to reduce the time it takes to start contributing to your project.


Need extra development power? We are Python experts and can quickly become a part of your team. Our expertise will let you boost your project's development.

What we specialise in

  • Python - we know the language, love it, attended conferences and worked on huge codebases written in the language.
  • Integration - we make things work together. One of our products is integrating 7 external web services into a single coherent system. We have also built and open-sourced integration libraries for some of these cloud services.
  • Pyramid - we have built complex web application using this framework. We know and understand the platform and its design patterns.
  • Zope - (Zope3, Zope Toolkit, Grok) we have been using Zope3 from the very beginning, we have worked with Zope internals, libraries and have even contributed to Zope3. We know the benefits and downsides of Zope Component Architecture, we can use it to write extendable applications, also we know when NOT to use it.
  • Test Driven Development - we have written a large web application that has a high functional and unit test coverage. We can help You start using tests and write them better.
  • Open Source - we thrive on open source tools, have worked on large Open Source applications and try to contribute whenever we can.
E-mail: info@nous.lt
Mobile phone: +370 683 79238

Who we are


- we deliver the business value as fast as possible, we think that having a working application from the very beginning of the project is vital and helps our customers understand their requirements better. Actualy seeing how something works allows them to understand what the system can do for them, and allows them to make more informed decisions.

    - because it’s the most efficient way to go from concept to high quality code in production.
  • TDD

    - we are obsessed with quality, we always test the code that we write.
  • Continuous Integration

    - we use continuous integration practices to make the feedback loop as quick as possible, tests and continuous integration tools help us deploy our application dozens of times a day if needed without losing stability.


- we love open source, we use open source, so we write our software as if it was open source even when it's not. This means that we are aware of the difficulty of choosing a different company to maintain a project that someone else has created, and we try to avoid the "vendor lock-in" as much as we can. So we can promise you that other people will be able to understand the code that we write, and will be able to work with it. It will not depend on closed formats and proprietary tools that only we possess.


- we are a small company, so we can't cover all the possible needs that you might have, but we are aware of our "blind spots" and will always be ready to outsource to other specialists. We can work with Designers, Copy writers, Information Architecture specialists and can help you choose one. Our main strength is writing code, and being small we'd rather focus on what we do best, and work with other people to create the best solution possible.